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We are the Jebsen Group’s growth equity investment team and in-house asset manager.

Building on more than 125 years of history, we partner with game changers to build sustainable success in Greater China and beyond.

  • Woom

Smart growth equity investments for Greater China

Born out of a family ethos of long-term planning and investing for the future, we make direct investments in outstanding companies with defensible business models, strong product innovation, and significant growth potential.

Our thesis is centered around investing in category-defining companies that bring new products, services and experiences to the changing consumer in Greater China. We put our own capital behind entrepreneurs we believe in, which enables us to be long-term partners, not bound by fund lifecycles.

Our investment scope also encompasses managing multi-asset portfolios in public markets. We invest across asset classes, from equities and bonds to commodities and digital assets, through both in-house and third-party managers.

Today, we manage more than US$1 billion in assets.

We invest in growth-stage businesses across several verticals, positioned around the modern consumer.

In our growth equity investments, we aim to take significant minority positions in outstanding consumer-focused companies with proven business models and market acceptance. We target companies beyond the start-up phase, companies that are ready to scale up.

Partnering with Jebsen Capital allows our portfolio companies to harness more than a century of experience building iconic brands in Greater China.

As a strategic co-pilot to entrepreneurs and management teams, we offer a selection of tangible value creation solutions, together with our more than 2,000 employees in the region.

Our brand building capabilities in Greater China


  • Consumer insights
  • Data analytics
  • Integrated campaigns


  • Offline coverage & POS management
  • E-commerce
  • Wholesale

Supply chain & logistics

  • Warehousing
  • Import of products
  • Sourcing & procurement

Organisational support

  • Business development
  • Recruiting & corporate affairs
  • Legal & licensing support

Our game changers

  • Offering holistic multi-channel ecommerce solutions

  • Providing content marketing and livestreaming e-commerce solutions

  • Creating the next-generation consumer holding

  • Woom

    Bringing the joy of cycling to children worldwide

  • Changing the way children listen to stories and music

  • Transforming the global food industry

  • Disrupting elevator media in China

  • Enabling China’s local businesses

  • Introducing self storage across China

  • Generating sustainable investment returns in a diversified set of assets

  • Ensuring driver & passenger safety through in-cabin computer vision

  • Building a multi-specialist healthcare platform in Hong Kong

  • Harnessing the human immune system to fight chronic and infectious diseases

  • 31jiu
    Group acquisition
    Group acquisition

    Premium beverage brand owner and distributor in the Chinese mainland

  • QPET
    Group acquisition
    Group acquisition

    Leading pet food and supplies retailer in Hong Kong

  • vetopia
    Group acquisition
    Group acquisition

    Leading online pet food and supplies business in Hong Kong

Key partnerships

Our team

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  • Private Capital
  • Market Investments
  • Finance & Risk & Legal
  • Administration
  • Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly

    Managing Director

  • James Westwood

    James Westwood

    Head of Liquid Assets

  • Thomas Wetzer

    Dr. Thomas Wetzer

    General Manager

  • Victor Liu

    General Manager

  • Alan Tse

    General Manager

  • Maring Tang

    Finance Director
    Jebsen Capital

  • Ken Yau

    General Manager
    Risk Management

  • Ray Zhang

    Rui Zhang

    Senior Legal Counsel

  • Andrey Korotkov

    Portfolio Manager

  • Vicky Wang

    Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Lu Wang

    Lu Wang

    Senior Investment Manager

  • Scott Wong

    Finance Manager

  • Sam Ng

    Senior Associate

  • Bruno Gargerle

    Senior Associate

  • Moyan Wu


  • Abby Qu


  • Norah Lam

    Senior Accountant

  • Yingtong Gao

    Yingtong Gao

    Senior Analyst

  • Xan Lau

    Xan Lau

    Senior Analyst 

  • Veronica Lai

    Senior Analyst

  • Kay Chong


  • Felix Mensdorff-Pouilly

    Felix Mensdorff-Pouilly


  • Angela Yu

    Senior Administrator

  • Lexie Wang

    Senior Administrator

Our investment committee

  • Hans Michael Jebsen

    Jebsen Group

  • Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly

    Chief Executive Officer
    Jebsen Group

  • Edwin Morris

    Chief Financial Officer
    Jebsen Group

  • Alexander Spitzy

    Chief Operating Officer
    Jebsen Group

Jebsen Group operating executives & advisors

  • Joachim Eberlein

    Managing Director
    Jebsen Motors

  • Frederic Noyere

    Managing Director
    Jebsen Beverage

  • Alexander Spitzy

    Managing Director
    Jebsen Consumer

  • Lilliana Choi

    Corporate Development & Real Estate Investments