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The Jebsen Capital Difference

Smart Growth Equity Investments for Greater China

Our Mission

Jebsen Capital is the Jebsen Group’s strategic investment business line. We are principal investors and utilise the Group’s available resources to invest directly in outstanding growing businesses with defensible business models, strong product innovation, and significant growth potential.


Focus on
Greater China

We invest in opportunities globally where businesses demonstrate a record of success in their home market, along with significant growth potential in Greater China.

Focus on

Building on the Jebsen Group’s strong portfolio in consumer products, mobility, and logistics, we make equity investments in companies, partnerships, and technologies to further strengthen our existing business foundations, whilst also capturing growth opportunities in new industries, such as healthcare.

Focus on
Adding Value

We seek opportunities where we can deliver our knowledge, resources, and expertise through a holistic financial and operational investment model. This enables us to best support our portfolio of companies and achieve optimal results.

Focus on
Long-Term Value Creation

Our investment philosophy combines a flexible cooperation model with a long-term investment approach, allowing us to consider multiple strategic options, such as buy-and-build, IPOs, and strategic trade sales.

Our Difference

A Proud Heritage

Leveraging on the Jebsen Group’s long-held emphasis on partnerships and success between Asia and the West, we invest globally in opportunities that demonstrate strong growth potential in Greater China.

Solid Business Foundations

Building on the Jebsen Group’s success in the consumer products, mobility, and logistics, we strengthen the Group’s existing portfolio, whilst capturing growth opportunities in new areas.

Chinese Consumers

Our overarching strengths include a deep understanding of the Chinese consumer and a proven ability to navigate the Greater China market. This enables us to provide our portfolio of companies with effective and targeted market access to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

Operational Competencies

Jebsen Capital seeks investment opportunities in Greater China that align with Jebsen’s core operational competencies, including know-how and expertise in real-estate, financing, marketing & sales, procurement, manufacturing, and project management.

Smart Capital

As a strategic co-pilot, Jebsen Capital offers a flexible cooperation model for businesses to grow. Our smart capital approach ensures an effective collaboration that enables all parties to prosper.

Patient Capital

With our focus on long-term value creation, we can hold our investments beyond the typical private equity lifecycles and can therefore avoid the limitations imposed by typical fund structures.

Our Investments

Jebsen Capital’s investment scope is centered on direct growth equity investments that promise synergies with the Jebsen Groups’ core operational competencies. Key focus industries include consumer products, mobility, logistics, and healthcare. This approach propels the growth of our portfolio companies and businesses as demonstrated in our selected investment case studies.

Our Team

  • Managing Director
    Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly
  • General Manager Equity Portfolio
    Dr. Thomas Wetzer
  • General Manager Equity Portfolio
    Victor Liu
  • General Manager Capital Management
    Alan Tse
  • Finance Director, Jebsen Capital and Corporate Finance
    Maring Tang
  • Portfolio Manager
    Vicky Wang
  • Associate Portfolio Manager Capital Management
    Andrey Korotkov
  • Finance Manager
    Scott Wong
  • Senior Analyst
    Abby Qu
  • Senior Analyst
    Bruno Gargerle
  • Analyst
    Yvonne Chou
  • Senior Administrator
    Angela Yu
  • Senior Administrator
    Susie Su


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