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Our Team

Investment Team

Investment Team

Managing Director
Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly
General Manager RE & Corporate Development
Lilliana Choi
General Manager Equity Portfolio
Dr. Thomas Wetzer
General Manager Capital Management
Alan Tse
Senior Corporate Development Manager
Frederick Wong
Portfolio Manager
Freeman Ho
Portfolio Manager
Vicky Wang
Senior Associate
Isabelle Zing
Senior Associate
Andrey Korotkov
Christine Lee
Bruno Gargerle
Admin Assistant
Kit Ng
Industry Specialists

Real Estate

Senior Project Manager
Jeff Wang
Project Specialist
Vicki Zhou
Project Manager
Bovey Guo
Cost Manager
Helen Meng

Mobility Solutions

General Manager
Carsten Schmidt
Senior Sales Manager
Terry Huang
Head of Procurement
Amy Li
Sales Engineer
Bobby Zhao
Sr. Supply Quality Engineer
Tracy Tian
Sr. Supplier Quality Manager
Victor Li
Commodity Buyer
Sandy Li


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