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Porsche Centres

Developing Real Estate Assets across China
Geographical Coverage
Year of Investment
  • Business Nature:Commercial real estate investment and management
  • Region:Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong, and Macau
  • Strategy:Through our real estate expertise in Greater China, we provide knowledge of local consumer demographics, experience of scouting and acquiring lands and buildings, as well as a deep understanding of growth potential in strategic locations to assist with the planning and development of Porsche Centres operated by the Jebsen Group’s Motors Division. Jebsen Capital manages the construction and fitting-out of purposely-built facilities (4S Centres) that satisfy Porsche’s commercial requirements and operational needs.
Why did Jebsen Capital invest?
  • Growth Potential:Jebsen’s working relationship with Porsche dates back to 1955. Investments in real estate properties that operate Porsche 4S Centres not only enable Jebsen to participate in Porsche’s growth story in China, but also allow us to unlock value potential in China’s real estate market.
  • Business Synergies:Investments and developments in real estate assets provide a long-term and stable foundation for the Porsche dealership operations.
  • Jebsen Capital’s Contribution:Jebsen Capital provides expertise in evaluating, negotiating, developing, and managing real estate assets in Greater China that, alongside with Jebsen Motors’ premium customer experience, ensure the continued success of the Porsche dealerships.


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